Carrollwood Lakes

Lake Update

Our contact at the mayor’s office had excellent success in getting the proper city and county departments involved. Most made a site visit within 2 days of our complaint.

We don’t have a lot of details yet but what we do know is that the contractor was issued several citations or warnings/stop the mud and was required to put in safeguards to keep dirt out of the storm drains system. We don’t know if they failed to install required safeguards prior to starting construction or just needed to improve what they had done. They will be checked on a regular basis to ensure acceptable levels are entering the system.

We had the water tested in all lakes resulting in readings of high nutrients and sediment. To our knowledge no fish or wildlife have been harmed yet. We believe some board members plan on visiting the site to see just what has been done and several want advice from our attorney to review our options for cleanup of the lakes; who can do it, costs and who pays the costs.

I hope this information helps with your concerns.

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Welcome To Carrollwood Lakes


Carrollwood Lakes is a subdivision in north Cordova, TN and is generally considered part of the Wolfchase Area because of its association with the major shopping centers, businesses and the nearby Wolfchase Galleria. It is surrounded by the nearby subdivisions of Berryhill Farms, Countrywood and The Gardens of Berryhill.

The name Carrollwood Lakes is derived from the four running lakes/waterways in the community, which are home to many types of waterfowl, fish and other aquatic plants and animals. It is thought of as a little piece of tranquility in the midst of a highly developing and bustling shopping and business district.

Carrollwood Lakes, now part of the City of Memphis, continues to be a safe, stable and convenient neighborhood in which to live.

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Carrollwood Lakes HOA is under a New Property Management Company.  EZR Management Company.  This is as of January 1, 2022.  

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