Carrollwood Lakes

October 13, 2023

Dear HOA members,

As allowed by Article XIV section 14.01 of the by-laws of The Carrollwood Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc and by vote of a majority of attending members at our annual meeting October 2, 2023, the following are to be included and registered as amendments to the HOA by-laws and rules and regulations of the Carrollwood Lakes HOA effective October 2, 2023.

Members have voiced concerns about parking violations, illegal vehicles parked in the HOA boundaries, trailers parked in yards or on the street, speeding cars and trash piled on the curbs as the top situations they wanted the board to address.

Members voted overwhelmingly to make amendments to our by-laws, rules, and regulations to address these issues. Members noted that vehicles parked along the street obscure the view of drivers, potentially endangering pedestrians by increasing the likelihood of “dart-out” accidents and If streets are clogged with parked vehicles, it might be difficult for emergency vehicles to reach residents. Tennessee law does not prevent, restrain, or limit the power of HOAs to regulate parking, even on public streets and therefore we have adopted the following new amendments to be included in our by-laws, rules, and regulations of the HOA.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us.

Best regards,
Carrollwood Lakes HOA Board of Directors

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Welcome To Carrollwood Lakes


Carrollwood Lakes is a subdivision in north Cordova, TN and is generally considered part of the Wolfchase Area because of its association with the major shopping centers, businesses and the nearby Wolfchase Galleria. It is surrounded by the nearby subdivisions of Berryhill Farms, Countrywood and The Gardens of Berryhill.

The name Carrollwood Lakes is derived from the four running lakes/waterways in the community, which are home to many types of waterfowl, fish and other aquatic plants and animals. It is thought of as a little piece of tranquility in the midst of a highly developing and bustling shopping and business district.

Carrollwood Lakes, now part of the City of Memphis, continues to be a safe, stable and convenient neighborhood in which to live.

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Association Updates

New Property Management Company

Carrollwood Lakes HOA is under a New Property Management Company.  EZR Management Company.  This is as of January 1, 2022.  

Property Management Contact:
Kristen Tolleson

6263 Poplar Ave. Ste 440
Memphis, TN 38119
Ph. 901-507-3040

Due to the transition and our software change, statements will be going out soon with instructions on how to pay.

Garbage Pickup

The garbage pickup day for our neighborhood will change from Friday to Thursday beginning March 1, 2021

Volunteers Needed

We need Volunteers to serve on the CWL Board. If you have an interest to work to improve our community, please consider volunteering your time and expertise to make our community a better place to live. 
If interested, email us at:

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Safety & Security

Safety and security committee to reactivate our Neighborhood watch program and the new LPR camera program. Click here for More info.

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For questions about your Annual Homeowner dues, please contact: Kristen Tolleson at EZR Management 6263 Poplar Ave., Ste 440 Memphis, TN 38119 Phone number 901-507-3040.  Email

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