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Board of Directors & Committies

The management of our community association is operated with a combination of established Committees, which report to the Board of Directors, and our Property Management company. Both parties work together to address any and all issues or recommendations for the neighborhood.

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Role Responsibility for Elected Positions

Powers & Duties of Board of Directors

EZR is an important part of our relationship and is primarily responsible for our financials, day-to-day operations and response to our members. It is your duty to support all improvement efforts. If you take the approach that anytime you call or email, that an immediate response or an immediate update on any project will be available, you will only be frustrated because all efforts are ongoing and updates are primarily done at meetings and by newsletters. Please take the time to read your mail and come to the Association meetings.

Your Board serves to improve the community for all members. We put in countless numbers of hours to keep our Association legal and coordinating with Crye-Leike. We do this because we want to and we care about our community. The committee structure in the future will allow a group of folks, who are dedicated on focused issues, to research solutions and recommend them to the Board. The Board, in turn, can vote or advise based on financial ability, legal practicality and how it will effect the community overall.

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