The cameras you see being installed are the result of a project your HOA board has been working on for over 8 months with the City Mayor’s office, The Memphis Police, Neighbor Watch Program, Flock Safety Equipment and SkyCop.  In June each home was notified of this plan via a door hanger hand delivered to each home by a board member inviting all to a special meeting which was attended by over 80 residents; the proposal was discussed and voted on to implement. 

These cameras are License Plate Reading cameras (LPR), not surveillance cameras, used to check license plates for stolen cars, license plates on the wrong vehicles and as a record of cars that enter into the neighborhood in case of an event that requires police investigation.  Information is kept on a secure server for a period of 30 days and then discarded.  Access to the stored data is available to one board member for retrieval should an event occur.  Again, these are not surveillance cameras because it only takes photos (not video) of the tags on a vehicle.  Not people in the vehicles or people, dogs, wild animals walking along the area.

We will have them located at all 8 entrances to the HOA as well as some HOA common areas that have been consistent locations of vandals. Knowing what vehicles are coming and going, the type and color of the vehicle, if they are residents or visitors will be valuable information if something like a theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism or any number of crimes occur.  It is proven to reduce crime by 40% to 60% in most neighborhoods because most criminals know how it works and will avoid them.  Over a short period of time the software used will identify tags that “belong” (residents) and put them in a different category from occasional tags coming through.  If you wish, you can opt out by letting us know to take your tag out of the system.  Only one board member will have access to the data, the Memphis Police will automatically run the tag through their national crime identification data base system and only flag those of interest.  Blue lights on the cameras were not used because they are not a SkyCop surveillance system but a license plate reading camera.  

We felt that this is one way to provide an additional level of safety and security to all of our HOA members.  Additionally, we have establish a safety and security committee which also includes the activation of a Neighborhood Watch Program.  The safety of our members is a major concern to your board.

Additional information on how these cameras operate and the reduction of crime where they are in use can be found at  

If you have any other questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact your board of directors to get involved in our neighborhood watch program. We need your help and participation.

police, crime scene, blue light

If a crime occurs call the Memphis Police Department to report it. 

Our precinct is at 6850 Appling Farms Parkway, 901.636.4400. 

Tell them you wish to report an incident. 

Tell the investigator that you live in Carrollwood Lakes and that we have LPR (license plate reading) cameras that they are authorized to view thru the Flock Safety Equipment program.

Provide as much information as possible.