Welcome to Carrollwood Lakes

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the CWLHOA formed?

The CWLHOA began in 1984 when the original development company, Great American Homes, filed a Charter of Incorporation with the State of Tennessee. This act established CWLHOA and directed that membership of the CWLHOA be the owners of lots in the development. These members are responsible for the care, management and supervision of the Common Areas and lots within the Properties, according to the By-Laws and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Carrollwood Lakes.

I'm Confused – Am I a part of the Countrywood Neighborhood Association?

The Countrywood Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization that works very diligently to help improve and keep our surrounding areas clean and safe. We work together on several joint initiatives for our communities. However, as a CWLHOA member, your involvement is governed by the Charter of Incorporation with the State of Tennessee and follows your property deed. The CWLHOA membership is mandatory and so are the dues, rules and regulations and obligations for the care and management of our subdivision.

Whom do I Contact?

For reporting violations of rules and regulations, common ground security or upkeep and general information, please contact our Property Manager at EZR Management, Kristen Tolleson at 901-507-3040. Complaints must be submitted in writing and preferably sent via email to Kristen Tolleson at ezr@cwlhoa.org, For ideas or suggestions for improvement and to volunteer, contact the Board of Directors at CWLBoard@cwlhoa.org.

When is Trash, Recycle, Yard Debris Pick Up?